The Hostage’s Return: Updated back cover copy

As young girls, Princesses Claire and Vera of Illika had their family torn apart. After 13 years away, Claire is sent back for a visit to remind her family what they will lose if they don’t submit to the tributes and obedience demanded by their conquerors. Vera and Claire are complete strangers to each other [...]

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How to Kill a Word – by good words (right order)

This advice could be carried too far, but that rarely happens. I think this presentation is very effective at teaching writers and editors to be more concise. How to Kill a Word from Patrick McLean

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Purple Martians: A Science Report by Anemone Flynn

Just playing around with a prompt from my brother on Facebook … Forgive the lack of serious research! ————————— Purple Martians are from Mars. Mars is the fourth planet away from the Sun, or Sta, as they call it. Most of the Martians are green, but some are purple. Their skin is purple because they [...]

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Practice B – Stamps Writing Prompt

Prompt from Writing Excuses 7.46: Come up with a magic system based on stamps, but that has nothing to do with forgery. *** Myrna scrubbed her arms thoroughly. A savant-cat would know immediately if she had been incomplete. Her daily shower was not enjoyable; rather it was a necessity she suffered through. The special soap [...]

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Terry Pratchett’s Discworld – A Reading Guide

Look what my mother found! This awesome chart from The L-Space Web lists the Terry Pratchett Discworld novels in their somewhat-related order. Of course, Terry Pratchett’s world is sufficiently complicated so as to muddle even the best relational diagram, but I love the job they’ve done here.

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