The Art of Love by A. B. Michaels

Four out of five stars. The Art of Love: Origins of Sinner’s Grove by A.B. Michaels is a romance novel chronicling love between two art lovers in San Francisco at the beginning of the 20th century. But don’t let that fool you into thinking this is a sedate, slow story! The book is written in […]

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Simple Tips On Purchasing Natural Hair Wigs

Fake Eyebrows Do men prefer women with breast implants, butt implants, sewn in eyelashes, lip enhancements, cheek bone enhancements, weaves or wigs or a woman who is all natural with no implants or enhancements? Last night there was an online debate between Libertarian, Green, Constitution and Justice parties ~~ ~~ I am more interested in […]

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Synthetic Wigs Versus True Hair Wigs

Chicago African American Issues First of all, the best thing about synthetic wigs would be that there isn’t much to maintain about them. Lace Wigs 2015 There are various ways for a woman to cover her hair and very often, non-Jewish people who don’t know about this commandment will often not notice that Jewish ladies […]

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